How To Train To Count Cards

Several months of attempts and reasoning have passed before we understand that to train to count cards at BlackJack there are two main methods and to avoid making you waste unnecessary time, as we did, we will immediately point them out to you too:

1) Hard training to prepare for card counting

Hard training is very demanding and must be done every day for a period of 15 to 3 months. If, within this period, you still cannot apply the Hi-Lo system, then it means that you are not prepared for mnemonic counting.

If you are alone, you must place yourself with a deck of cards on the table, shuffle and turn the cards one by one, and mark your overall score from scratch. The final result must be zero; otherwise, you will have made a mistake.

Repeat this process at least 2/3 times a day, every day, and as fast as possible. At the end of the maximum 3 months, you must take a minute to count the blackjack deck. The ideal would be to have something noisy or something that can distract you, making the counting as realistic as possible because many things will disturb you in casinos.

Warning: you must not move your mouth or have expressions of what you think, you must be as natural as possible.

However, this training is advisable to do it in 2 or more people to simulate as much as possible a game table.

2) Preparation of tables on paper ad hoc to score the score. Simply, depending on the system you use, for example, the Hi-Lo system, you have to write on a sheet of paper the three columns with relative card counting, one for +1, one for 0, and one for -1. With a cross or other symbol, you have to write down the card in the right column. Each column starts from the top with the count; the important thing is that the table is aligned by the rows to understand the length of the column. In fact, after a few annotations, you will see on the fly which column has the most annotations, and you will understand if the score is high or low and, therefore, in what phase you are.

If you want to do the right calculation, you should use an excel sheet with the “count numbers” function to automatically balance the balance.

Is it possible to apply the count in casinos?

These are techniques with which you will have the chance to win at the gaming tables, but is it possible to use them in our day and the most modern casinos? In general, the answer is NO!

It is necessary to make some clarifications in this regard because before trying your hand at any technique, it is good that you have a clear understanding of the type of casino you will be dealing with; in this way, you will avoid spending resources on methodologies that may not be useful.

In the casino area, it is almost impossible to use them because to apply the card counting strategy in land-based casinos; you need 4 key figures, namely:

  • The ” Back Spotter ” is the player who controls the progress of the games and counts the cards;
  • The ” Spotter ” who is at a table of little importance, making minimum bets, and at the same time saying the bets to be made with the “Gorilla”;
  • The ” Gorilla ” takes care of making big caliber bets by leaving the game table immediately after winning;
  • the ” Big Player ” is the player who had the task of playing the biggest hands at the game table after listening to the teammates’ suggestions.

As you can see, this is a very cumbersome system to put into practice; in addition, nowadays, traditional casinos use all the systems available to prevent players in agreement with each other from being able to count the cards released and therefore take advantage of the game.

How The Bonus Is A Chance Of Winning For The Player And The Casino

There are many varieties of bonuses, and we want to draw your attention to how successful this technique is, not only for you but also for those who offer it to you.

 Online casinos and players are constantly increasing; on the web, there is, therefore, a situation in which the choice becomes more and more huge, and the offers become a real weapon of challenge between portals, which sometimes make proposals that seem even too much beautiful to be true.

Exactly, in the logic of always doing better than the others, the different portals come to make proposals that at first glance would seem to be total to the player’s advantage, when you analyze better the thing is not quite like that, we immediately tell you the reason.

Bonuses are the ideal tool to make the user still uncertain about choosing one portal over another, but they are even more so to make him remain a customer once his first games have been made.

That’s right; the portals can go even or even lose the first time. Someone will play with the money given away, and then if he goes, this is also part of the “game,” and it is a calculated risk because if someone does so, someone else will continue to play and become a loyal customer.

This is because, once the initial phase is over, the proposed bonuses will not run out. Rather they will increase and accompany the player in every evolution of the game, becoming increasingly palatable and important, so much so that these bonuses become the real strength, the weapon main of all online casinos to retain their customers.

These bonuses are therefore winning on all fronts, for the portal and for those who know how to use them. Certainly, one of the most revolutionary inventions since gambling was born and cannot leave anyone indifferent, with the bonuses you have fun, and maybe you win without depositing money. If, on the other hand, you are unable to transform the bonus into real money, and it happens most of the time because the bonuses are difficult to cash out, in the end, you have not lost your money.